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Store Policies

Damages, Shortages and Overages

In an effort to better serve our customers and ensure the timely processing of pick-ups and credits, please adhere to the following guidelines to report any irregularities in our deliveries to you. Failure to notify us of any overages, shortages, or damages upon receipt of your delivery is a breach of this policy and may result in denial of any credit owed or a permanent change in your credit / payment terms.

Orders Delivered By Wildhorse:

  1. Immediately check for damages and compare goods to the WHD invoice.
  2. If no issues are found, sign one copy of the invoice and return to WHD delivery driver. By signing the invoice, you are acknowledging that the order is accurate and in saleable condition.
  3. If any differences or damages are found, your driver will document the issue and report it to the office for processing.

Orders Shipped Via UPS/LTL Freight:

  1. Immediately check for damages and compare goods received to the WHD invoice / packing slip.
  2. If an LTL / freight shipment, note any issues on the BOL before signing and letting the driver leave.
  3. Take pictures of damaged product upon receipt of goods.
  4. Contact WHD on the day of delivery to inform us of the issue. Failure to notify us may result in credit denial.

Return Policy

We are committed to selling quality products and guarantee our products to the greatest extent possible. However, there are some products that are not guaranteed by the manufacturer and therefore, we are not able to issue credit for those products. It is imperative that you check your orders upon receipt to check for accuracy and damages. Once products have been accepted, we may not be able to issue credit.

Please rotate your stock regularly to ensure that products stay in date. Many manufacturers are no longer accepting returns of expired product.

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